The vibration of chanting the Lord’s holy names relaxes the mind, reaches the soul within, purifies and detoxifies the bad energy from our system. As a result, one gets enormous energy to think and a lead positive life. Under today’s circumstances, it is the need of the hour that we cleanse our inner mind quickly by regular Nama Sankeertanam as our life span in Kaliyuga is short and reach the Lord’s domain by habitual worshipping of His Nama.

In today’s Kaliyuga, people are not bestowed with such innate qualities of deep faith and bhakthi comparable anywhere near that of the great Bhakta Prahlada.

Also, adhering to the previous yugadharmas will be helpful in the long term – they are rigorous in procedure and difficult to do and practice on a daily basis. In the current difficult times (financially, socially and physically) we have to therefore find and adopt a much simpler way to get at the same goal and it is by way of Nama Sankeertanam, rightly as Lord Krishna advised Sage Narada.

“Kalow Kalmasha chittanaam papa dravyopa jeevinam
Vidhi kriya viheenanam kadhir govinda keertanam”

"The Protection derived from Nama Sankeertanam is the only swift method by which every one of us can reach Him and obtain His grace instantaneously".

This message and concept of “Nadopasana Samsthan” and its practice of "Sampradaya Bhajans" should reach the nook and corner of the entire Bharata Desam and also the globe. Each of one of us is into this world for a specific purpose. The bliss of our future can be achieved and enjoyed in this life time itself by "Nama Sankeertanam" only.