- Go Samrakshanam -


“Sarva Teertha mayeem devi Veda devatmikaam sivam,
Surabhim Yagnyasya jananee Maataram tva namaamyaham”



GO SAMRAKSHANAM - 35 to 40 years has elapsed since several of our Sacred Sadhus and Saints from many parts of India made a historic protest in the Parliament Street at New Delhi urging the then Government to ban Slaughter of Cows and protect the “Cow which is the GOMATA”.  The most sacred duty of every Hindu in this mother land is to give due attention and safety of the Cows during its entire life time.

Nādopāsana Samsthan has therefore taken upon its sholders GO SAMRAKSHANAM as one of its primary activity and establish VASUDEVA GOSALA.  This is a pet project of the founders Sri Goapalapada and Sri Ramapada


VASUDEVA GOSALA - Protection of the Cows has become the need of the day to revive the nation from the downfall, from the sinful deeds and restore prosperity, peace and harmony. Taking all this into consideration and towards this noble cause Shri Gopalapada and Shri Ramapada have initiated a program to secure some of such dependent cattle to protect them providing devoted food, shelter, water, clean and safe environment and all the medical facilities till they attain the lotus feet of God naturally. All cows are descendants of the those that  were then with Lord Sri Krishna Himself during his Avatar in this Sacred land.


This is a holy project that Nādopāsana Samsthan has proposed to do to shelter the sacred cows in “VASUDEVA GOSALA” that is going to be established.  In order to feed these cows with the best quality food, the Nādopāsana Sasmthan will also grow the grass and fodder crop within the ashram campus and a team of veterinary doctors will be made available 24x7 to look after the cows.


Both Sri Goapalapada and Sri Ramapada spend their life with a mission to spread “Namasankeertanam” in the entire Nation to develop the spiritual insight into the minds of the people and develop a sense of dedication and commitment amongst the Hindus across the globe towards the Lord by travelling extensively to uphold our ancient Hindu tradition.


This being the scope of the founders who always feel the the importance of Namasankeertanam, the only way according to Him is to attain salvation in this Kaliyuga while making the devotees relax and realize deriving the instantaneous benefits for their day to day life. But they being selfless spiritual leaders with an ambitious program of this kind need holy participation by devotees of the Lord to complete the agenda like completing the “Sri Kshetram” and “VASUDEVA GOSALA”.










The New Mandir will be the biggest ever temple that is going to be built in the South India and will be a unique place of worship for all the devotees in the globe. The new temple to be built in a unique architecture style will blend the Uttara and Dakshina Bharata temple structures and Silpa Sastra.


“Nādopāsana Samsthan” theme of funding this temple construction is solely based on the efforts put in for each bhajan program and the patronage received there from. Sri Gopalapada and Sri Ramapada strictly adhere without compromise on the stipulations of the architecture of the temple  as per the “Agama Sastras”.


The Samsthan wish Persons, who is blessed with several virtues and determination to uphold our ancient Hindutva and its culture in this main land should extend a helping hand to complete this holy activity and seek cooperation in order to uphold the philosophy which you have embraced like our Great Gurus.


May Lord be with you and your family always !