The Samsthanís objective is to uplift the hidden talents of not only the children but also the youth and aged who are away by virtue of their Loukika responsibilities from our ancient Spiritual Practices and Culture, supporting them to awaken and elevate their energies.


In addition, the Samsthan imbibes our tradition into the students to uphold its value and vision primarily giving focus to worship thereby achieves a fulfilled life.




* Puja, Homa, Yagas, Parayana
* Go (Cow) Seva
* Annadana Seva (providing food for the poor and needy)
* Vastra dana Seva
* Vidya dana Seva (Supporting education for the deserved)
* Free medical help



* Nama Sadhana
* Vedabhyasam
* Developing human value system
* Personality development
* Narayaneeyam Parayana
* Developing spiritual focus