Vision & Focus


For Bhakta Prahlada in Kruta Yuga, Lord Maha Vishnu filled the entire Universe with his Nrusimha Roopam. Other than the one Sthambha (Pillar) from where he came out, in all other spots He is waiting to come out at the call of the devotee to solve the problems and relieve the pains of his/her life instantly.


Our aim therefore is to inculcate the "Nādopāsana" Culture and enhance the family value system of our ancient tradition. By inducing devotion and respect to each other, among the younger generation and saving them from drifting into a mere social circuit Māyā such as the modern media and life style; "Nādopāsana" focuses on their precious powers such as Mind, Energy, Time, Wealth and all that they possess to secure them effectively.


The easiest way is "Nama Sankeertanam" in this Kaliyuga replaces all other forms of worship as in the previous Yugas namely tapas, yaga, yagna, homa, puja, vratam, yoga and meditation.


This message and concept of "Nadopasana Samsthan" and its practice of "Sampradaya Bhajans" should reach the nook and corner of our great Country and also the globe. It is then that our Sanathana Dharma which is now being practiced in a low key will spread rapidly and the Lord will bless and bestow us with Dhairyam, Dhanam, Dhanyam, Bahu Pasu, Putra Labham and Longevity.


The bliss of our future can be enjoyed in this life time itself by Nama Sankeertanam.


"Vidyarthi labhate vidyaan Dhanarthi labhate dhanam
Putraarthee labhate putraan mokshaardhee labhate gathim"


To chant His Nāma there are No formalities - No time constraints - No differentiation by community, caste, creed or colour and anywhere.


Join us into this Holy journey. Seeding today is sure to spread like a huge tree in the days to come under its shelter we will be prosperous, peaceful and protected.


Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu.



"Antharātma devo bhava"